Customer Testimonials

I really enjoy Tricia’s yoga classes. Unlike other yoga classes I have been to, there is no pressure to be able to do all the positions, you can move completely at your own pace; and you are always offered alternative positions, using cushions if required. Tricia is a very kind, attentive and knowledgeable teacher.
A.E. Bath

I have suffered from migraines for years. I have now learnt to observe when a migraine is about to start and am able to prevent it escalating by using one of the breathing techniques that Tricia showed me. Thank you so much!
J.S. Bath

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis, which can eventually cause complete fusion of the spine. Since I have been coming to Tricia’s class my range of movement has improved, my back muscles are now stronger and my spine feels more mobile and therefore is less painful.
J.R. Wellow

I love the chi gung part of the class. It relieves the pain in my shoulder and I also feel very calm afterwards.
C.H. Keynsham

I’ve had ME for 5 years and since coming to class I feel better able to manage my energies by learning how to pace myself. I now do a daily yoga practice, using the techniques that I’ve learned in class. I also feel a more fulfilled person. I’m now more relaxed and am ready to look for work again.
J.R. Colerne

I first started doing Yoga with Tricia so that I could learn to relax and now I find it is not only relaxing but also quite energizing.
T.R. Frome

I had a hip replacement last year and my surgeon was amazed how quickly it healed. After the operation I couldn’t do any physical yoga, but used the mental concentration and breathing techniques that I learnt from Tricia.  I believe that this helped me heal more quickly.
M.H. Brislington

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years. The breathing practices and deep relaxation have changed my life. I now feel calmer and more in control of my life.
L.W. Bath

Working as an Insurance Assessor is very rewarding but it can be stressful and demanding sometimes. Having the opportunity to practise yoga with Tricia on weekly basis helps me to relax and stay focused.
P.T. Radstock

I think Tricia’s yoga sessions are great!  I find them calming and relaxing.
S.R. Bath